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Delivery and return of the rented vehicle at the Airport Nikola Tesla, Shopping Mall Usce and Shopping Mall merkator is possible 24/7.

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Free child security seats, air conditioning system, gps navifation, USB/CD/DVD/mo3 sound

PIA rent a car agency offers a large number of new vehicles of various categories. We provide our clients with the best conditions when it comes to renting a car for a day, a week or longer. Our car rental agency will offer you the best prices of car rental services in Belgrade. We offer special prices and discounts for renting a car for a longer period of time. When it comes to rent a car in Belgrade has a large offer of agencies, but we offer the best quality of our services at favorable prices for rent a car in Belgrade.

Rent a car agency PIA Vehicle fleet

In our fleet, are new vehicles from renowned world manufacturers with a lot of additional equipment in each vehicle, so you can easily choose the vehicle according to your needs. We offer a large number of vehicles with rich accessories.
Our vehicles are in good condition and regularly serviced, clean both outside and inside and ready to rent and take over at any time. Regular service of all vehicles that we offer in our car rental agency allows you to drive safely without worrying about the technical correctness of vehicles you drive.

Terms And Conditions to Rent a car

PIA rent a car allows you to rent a car without a deposit. In this way, you save money or allow yourself to rent a vehicle of a slightly higher class in order to fully enjoy the comfort and driving.

The prices of rent a car vehicles that are published on our website are without any hidden or additional costs. You only pay for what is shown on the website of our agency.

The price for renting a car  includes casco insurance for each vehicle as well as passenger insurance in the event of an accident. Casco insurance covers all our vehicles from possible damages that may occur in traffic.

You can use each of our vehicles for an unlimited number of kilometers. Unlimited mileage for our cars allows you to use each of our vehicles without interruption. In this way, we have met the needs of our customers to use our vehicles without restrictions.

The rented vehicle should be used according to your own needs, but in such a way that you may not drive more people than is allowed for that vehicle or transport objects or goods that would overload the vehicle.

The user of our car rental services is obliged to return the vehicle at the end of the rental period of use with a full tank. It is necessary to take care and maintain the vehicle during use, in order to return it to the condition in which it was handed over for use.

You are not allowed to let drive the car to someone else or rent it to a third party. In case of a collision, it is necessary to make a European report, call the police and immediately inform the representative of the PIA car rental agency.

The users of our rent a car services we offer to pick up and return rented vehicles at any time of the day or night at a location that suits them. At any time 24 hours a day 7 days a week you can pick up or return our vehicle where you want. You can pick up or return all our vehicles at Nikola Tesla Airport and at the locations of TC Ušće and TC Mercator in New Belgrade.

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Rent a car for a longer period

If you need a car rental for a longer period, our agency has provided very attractive offer to all our clients  for renting a car for a longer period. This type of rental is a good solution for anyone who wants to reduce rental costs, avoid buying a new vehicle in this period of time or have a car for a longer period of time without unnecessary stress around scheduling and renting a vehicle.

For business people who travel a lot, this is an easy way to find a new and safe vehicle that will meet all their needs. The price of rent a car for a longer period is far more favorable than for shorter rental periods. If you need to rent a car for a longer period of time, our car rental agency will come out with a favorable offer that sutis your needs.

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No deposits!

No additional renting costs!

Insurance included!

Unlimited mileage!

Delivery and return of the rented vehicle 24 hours a day!

Terms / Conditions

Peronal info

Driver must be at least 25 years old. At least 3 years of driving license. Proof of identity (passport, identity card).


Crossing the state border is allowed only with the consent of the EL-Ni Rent-a-Car-a staff. Any penalty or misdemeanors payable by the renter. In the event of a traffic exident, renter is obliged to call the police to conduct an investigation and notify the staff of El Ni-Rent-a-Car-a (avoiding of the police call - renter is obligated to pay for any losses)

Full Inssurance

Partial casco insurance. All passengers in vehicle are insured. Fuel is not included in the rental price (exchange vehicle is always on a full tank). In case of failure you get another car on the spot.

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